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2023 Blue Cross and Blue Shield Service Benefit Plan - FEP Blue Focus
Section 4. Your Costs for Covered Services


A deductible is a fixed amount of covered expenses you must incur for certain covered services and supplies before we start paying benefits for them. Copayments and coinsurance amounts do not count toward your deductible. When a covered service or supply is subject to a deductible, only the Plan allowance for the service or supply that you then pay counts toward meeting your deductible.

The calendar year deductible is $500 per person. After the deductible amount is satisfied for an individual, covered services are payable for that individual. Under a Self Plus One enrollment, both family members must meet the individual deductible. Under a Self and Family enrollment, an individual may meet the individual deductible, or all family members’ individual deductibles are considered to be satisfied when the family members’ deductibles are combined and reach $1,000.

Note: If the billed amount (or the Plan allowance that providers we contract with have agreed to accept as payment in full) is less than the remaining portion of your deductible, you pay the lower amount.

Example: If the billed amount is $100, the provider has an agreement with us to accept $80, and you have not paid any amount toward meeting your calendar year deductible, you must pay $80. We will apply $80 to your deductible. We will begin paying benefits once the remaining portion of your $500 calendar year deductible has been satisfied.

Note: If you change plans during Open Season and the effective date of your new plan is after January 1 of the next year, you do not have to start a new deductible under your prior plan between January 1 and the effective date of your new plan. If you change plans at another time during the year, you must begin a new deductible under your new plan.